Saturday, June 16, 2012

Days 42 & 43: Burgers, Bear Cans, Butch Cassidy and A New Beginning

PCT Mile: 702.8

Our rest days at Kennedy Meadows were great fun.  We spent most of our (nearly) two days there sitting on the porch at the General Store, often heading over to Tom's place to chill.  Tom is a Trail Angel who has set up a number of trailers for hikers to stay in as well as an internet cafe Airstream.  Unfortunatly, he had to take the modem to town, so we had spotty-at-best, and then no internet the day we were there. Two of my favorite features at Tom's: pancakes and coffee in the monring and an awesome outdoor movie screen!  Tom has built this outdoor movie screen with stadium seating couches and we, along with dozens of other hikers, watched Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid under a sky full of stars. It was epic.  Tom also provides hikers with loaner clothes which is so helpful for getting all of your laundry done.  The best part of the clothing selection at Tom's was the large amount of calf-length, high-necked, floral dresses which made the hiker lady community look more like an Amish lady community. At the General Store we picked up our resupply box which included our 2 bear cans, 7 day food carry and a bunch of snow/mountain gear we ended up sending right back home, as this is an incredibly low snow year. We indulged in bacon burgers at lunch and a big spaghetti dinner one night.  We excitedly read mail from friends (thanks Rachel and Meredith!!!) and passed time playing cards with our hiker friends. It was a prefect recharge before our launch into the big mountains.

Me and Wampus Cat in our loaner clothes

The Usual Suspects (our crew through the desert) 

Movie watching under the stars


  1. LOVE those threads and outdoor movie screen - so FUN! xo

  2. LOVE those threads and outdoor movie screen - so FUN! xo


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