Saturday, June 16, 2012

Days 44 - 47: Water! Trees! Mountains! Shade! Fun!

Since the moment we hit the Sierra, we've been in a state of perma-smile. Every hiker we pass on the trail has a giant, giddy grin plastered across their face and we spend our breaks and downtime gushing about how awesome these mountains are.

Because we've been at high altitudes and are adjusting to the new environment, we cut our mileage down a bit through this section, giving us the added luxury of soaking it all in.  The 7 day section after Kennedy Meadows to Bishop is a perfect introduction to the Sierra. You walk among big trees, pristine alpine lakes and do a good amount of elevation gaining/losing each day.  

Bronco and Tortuga in the Kern

Fairway's bear can/rain jacket/trekking pole chair

There were some afternoons that we just reveled in it. We took long afternoon breaks while people dipped in creeks, cooked lunches and took naps in the sun.

The days of trying to beat the sun seem to be over. We don't set an alarm in the morning and don't feel the pressure of the afternoon heat bearing down on us.The hiking is still challenging, we're all adjusting to big climbs and thinner air... but man, is it worth it. 

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