Saturday, June 16, 2012

Days 50 & 51: Getting Cosmic In Bishop (With Picture Update)

We made it up and over Kearsarge Pass a day early, putting us into Bishop for our town stop with a little extra time. We decided to go ahead and take a double zero...TWO WHOLE days off. It's been amazing and just the rest we (and our knees) needed.  We've been eating good food, resting, watching TV, organizing for the next leg, and catching up with friends and family.  Last night we went bowling with Just Retired, Wampus Cat and Zen, iPod, and local friends.  The bowling alley switched into 'cosmic' (black light) bowling at some point and it was good fun for all.

Tomorrow we head back up and over Kearsarge Pass and back into the Sierra for some pass climbing fun.  We should hit Mammoth Lakes on Saturday evening! See y'all then!


  1. Check for a package from a couple of bozos who are thinkin'about cha here in California when you get to Mammoth Lakes!!

  2. Sent two packages to Mammoth Lakes--will arrive there 6/27--ENJOY!!!

  3. Hey Mags! Happy Birthday. I miss Mag'a'roni and cheese!!! Lots of love, Meg.


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