Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Quick Update

It's day 61 and we're headed back to the trail after an excellent stay in Mammoth. Our time here was full of birthday celebrating, catching up with friends, grilling, beer, lounging, reruns of Seinfeld, and good sleep. We didn't have a chance to upload pictures or blog, but we'll do a good update from Tahoe.

Some quick and awesome points from our last section:
- We are currently at mile 904!!!!
- We hiked over 7 passes (all over 11,000 feet) in 7 days
- Hallmark turned 29!
- We had our introduction to the major tree blowdowns in this area. It makes for slow hiking as we try to bypass giant piles of down trees
- Yankee Son got a buzz cut. Bye bye curls!

More to come! By the time we update again we'll be past 1,000!!


  1. I'm sad to hear about your hair.

    Hope your hike is still going well. Maybe I'll see you in Tahoe.


  2. Thinking of you CONSTANTLY!!! XO


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