Wednesday, July 11, 2012

63 - 69: Roller Coaster Of Love

Throughout the whole section to Tahoe, we found that the days weren't particularly long or high in elevation or giant climbs, but each day was a bit of a roller coaster and at the end of each day we were sufficiently wiped out.  We did put in some big mile days and both felt strong and in the groove. 

I love the above picture in particular because there is a mosquito front and center... which seems pretty appropriate for life at the moment. 

As we approached the 1,000 mile mark, I started to feel reflective about the trail, our accomplishment and the months to come.  One Thousand Miles. It feels huge. It is huge. And I am so incredibly proud of myself and Trav and the two of us together.  There wasn't a little marker on the trail, so we build one and as I stood back and started at it, I had to really wrap my head around just how far we've come. So exciting. So thrilling. And we feel as motivated as ever to keep pushing through the remaining 1,650 miles.

After three nights on trail, we got a hitch and made a quick stop into the quaint town of Bridgeport to resupply our food and stay a night in a bed. It was a great little night off trail and we were able to meet back up with Just Retired who had taken a rest day there.   The terrain was really interesting and changed to a rough, dark, volcanic rock that makes for some pretty cool and diverse terrain.  As we dropped into Sonora Pass, the road to Bridgeport, we were met by The Owl, a trail angel who serves cookies, coffee and fruit and put up a big sign to acknowledge our 1,000 mile accomplishment.

Hey Mom! Wahoo!

The Owl and us at Sonora Pass

For the Forth of July we found an awesome campsite that looked down onto Lake Tahoe and gave us a perfect view of the fireworks.  We sat high on some boulders with Just Retired, Russ, Spork and Chimp and watched the sky light up.

'Merica - Photo by Kim aka KTLA

The next day we rolled into Echo Lake Resort to wait for our friend Kim to pick us up and whisk us away for a fun weekend in Tahoe.  Before leaving Echo Lake we said (a potentially) final goodbye to Just Retired. He's taking a week off the trail to spend some time with his lovely wife who is coming out from South Carolina. Just Retired has been our longest standing buddy on trail.  We met him on day 3, gave him his trail name and have been hiking in close contact with him ever since. We love his company and dry wit and look forward to our paths crossing again. 

Now for a(nother) double zero in Tahoe!

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