Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 83: Half way! Hooray!!

On July 18th we passed the PCT midpoint at mile 1325. It was quite an emotional and exciting moment for us both. Proud. Overwhelmed. Excited. And totally worth a photo shoot... see below.

We celebrated that evening with double bacon burgers, milkshakes and a room at a B&B in Chester... possibly the friendliest town on the trail. We made a stop by Dr. Webb DDS's office to pick up a goodie bag of toothpaste, floss, hand sanitizer and a new toothbrush. Everyone in this town was so happy to see hikers. Waving at us and chatting us up, and one woman, Sharon, went out of her way before work to take us back to the trail.

From here on out, the number of miles on the 'to Canada' side will be smaller than the 'from Mexico' side! Wahoo! Onward and Northward!

Tears. Of course. 

Nicest item in the register box: Nautica cologne 



Hey buddy.


Mexico, getting farther and farther away.

We're coming for you Canada!!!

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