Friday, July 27, 2012

Days 84 - 92: Hello Heat... We Meet Again

After leaving charming Chester, we made our way closer to the notorious section of Northern California that is hot, waterless and evokes flashbacks of the desert.

A days hike out, we came across our first bear! He was eating bugs and grubs out of fallen logs and we just watched him for about 10 minutes. We spent one night at the Drakesbad Guest Ranch, where we enjoyed food and a soak in their hot spring fed pool. It was relaxing and fun, with dozens of other hikers around.

The next day, we hit the Hat Creek Rim and a 33 mile stretch without water. It was hot and exposed and we found ourselves needing a break ever hour or so. We passed through the lovely Burney Falls State Park and were majorly impressed with the falls. We started hiking with Snausage, Zen and Wampus Cat, who's company we greatly enjoy. Having buddies in this section was great because we could walk and chat and the hours flew by. The heat presented new (old) problems like blisters and swollen feet.

Dinner in camp with Wampus, Zen and Snausage

Hat Creek Rim, Shasta in the distance. We could see the mountain for days before getting anywhere near it, and apparently we'll be able to see it for a few more weeks. 

No water, no problem.  Quesadillas for dinner.

Wampus diggin' in.


Burney Falls


We were weary and worn and by the time we rolled into Mt. Shasta City Wednesday night we were desperate for a day off. We hadn't zeroed since July 7th and our bodies felt it. Mt. Shasta is a wonderful little town and we made out first stop at The Goat Tavern for beers and burgers. Our zero yesterday was so enjoyable and today we are taking a half day and FINALLY seeing a matinee of Moonrise Kingdom. We'll hit the trail this afternoon and aim to hit Etna on Tuesday. Oregon is getting SO close!!

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