Friday, July 13, 2012

We All Have Our Mountains

This post is a bit overdue, but it's important, so here goes.

A month ago today, on June 13th, we summited Mt. Whitney and throughout the challenging ascent I had many things on my mind.  The biggest and most important of these things was my mom. See, one month before our big Whitney climb, she quit smoking. After over four decades of being a smoker. It was time, and her health and wellness demanded it.  And like a total champion, she's not going back.

As I climbed to 14,500 feet I could feel just about every breath I took. I felt my lungs pumping, working.  I thought about my lungs.  I thought about hers. This is going to be a rough time for those lungs of hers, but they will come out stronger. Healthier.

In one of our first resupply packages, she sent this Texas flag post card and I carried it with me up to the summit. I decided weeks prior that my climb would be dedicated to her and the uphill climb she's on too. And I'm carrying this postcard to Canada as a constant reminder for me that every day I walk this trail is another day she's not smoking. How awesome is that? 

We love you, Mom, and I'm so incredibly proud of you. Thanks for all that you've done for us as we've hiked and for being such an example of strength and commitment.  


  1. tears streaming down my face - such a beautiful post mags for your beautiful mama! xoxox

  2. We love KRL! You are BOTH an inspiration!

  3. Keep going you two! You're doing awesome! Glad I was able to find your blog and I wish I were there.

    -Golden Boy

  4. Beautiful post. So proud of you and so inspired by KL. xoxo

  5. Tears. So well written Mags! Love you and KRL!


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