Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Days 116 & 177: AArrggh! Hiker Pirate Fun Times

After a long and crazy stretch, we were giddy with excitement to pull into Santiem Pass (Highway 20) to meet my Uncle John and Aunt Laura and head to Eugene for a few days to relax and play.  These two are hugely generous and extended the invitation to a whole boat load of our hiker friends.  Monday morning we loaded up, all 11 of us, and ventured to Eugene. 

The last two days have been FULL of fun and eating insane amounts of food.  John and Laura's house is the ultimate play land complete with pool, guest house, trampoline, and yes, the most STUNNING treehouse you've ever seen.  We had 4 more hikers join us, and the 15 of us basically went bonkers for two days, romping and playing.  To make matters more fun, Wampus Cat's dad sent us a care package of his handmade Rum Balls and pirate eye patches, hats and tattoos.  It was insane and amazing. Thanks Dave!

I can't thank my dear Aunt and Uncle enough. Your love and generosity through Oregon has been so special.  Thanks for hosting us and our friends, taking care of us and helping us get to Canada.  Love you!!

*Photos curtsy of Doc and Blue Jay.

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  1. Tree (house) of life! Can I live there? Miss you two to the moon and back. Was camping in Desolation a few weeks ago. Thought of you. xo


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