Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 101: Welcome To Oregon! Let's Celebrate!


We crossed into Oregon on August 5.  It was a monumental feeling. Luckily, The Love Train was there to celebrate in full force. Hugs, candy, cheers, and pictures. 

The Love Train

A mile or so after the border, we hit a small logging road where we found a Trail Magic party courtesy of Balls, Sunshine and Butterfly.  Sunshine is 12 years old and has already hiked the entire PCT and Appalachian Trail. She hikes with her dad, Balls, and upon completing the Continental Divide Trail in 2013, she will be the youngest Triple Crowner ever. (A Triple Crowner is one who has hiked all three long distance trails in the US).  She, her dad, and her younger sister Butterfly were so sweet, festive and welcoming as the cheered us into their home state.

Let's celebrate! 

Yankee Son, decked out.

Garelique, Spud, Honeybear

White Bear (from Austin!)

Hot Shot


Mufasa (White Bear's brother, another Texan!)

Scarecrow, Doc, Camshaft

Yankee Son, Hallmark, Balls, Sunshine and Butterfly

A half mile later, we hit mile 1700.  Whew! A lot to celebrate!


  1. Love it! So proud of you two. Truly amazing. Enjoy Oregon for us all!


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