Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Days 102 & 103: The Best Surprise

Can you handle it!?!!  As we rolled into Ashland on Monday morning we were SHOCKED and THRILLED to be greeted by my 'Oregon family'! My Uncle John and Aunt Laura along with my  cousin Libby, cousin Rachel, her husband Greg and their two boys, Parker and Trey (the artists behind those last three posters!) have been plotting with my mom to come down from Eugene to surprise us and shower us in Oregon love.  Truth be told, we ended up taking a shortcut to Callahan's Lodge and missed these incredible signs, but as we were standing in the lobby of the lodge, I heard a woman gasp (the weren't expecting us quite yet, so the surprise went both ways), looked up and there was my cousin Rachel! I almost fell over. We've spent the last two days hanging out, relaxing, playing and eating. A perfect break from the trail.  Yesterday we went to Emigrant Lake and paddle boarded, kayaked and soaked up some sun. 

Trav's in heaven

Uncle John (with help from Parker and Trey) inflates all of our various water craft toys

Uncle John and Parker paddle out

Taking the kayak for a spin

Maxin' and relaxin'

HUGE thanks to my sweet family for plotting this wonderful surprise. It has been so nice to spend time with family and rest. We cannot wait to see y'all again in a few weeks in Eugene!! Man, family is the best. 


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