Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Days 93 - 96: Twenty Five Is The New Twenty

Isn't there something so beautiful, striking and inspiring about this mountain? Mt. Shasta stands alone at over 14,000 feet and is the beginning of the Cascade Range.  We've been hiking around/near it for over a week now and the view is still not getting old. 

We hiked a short day out of Mt. Shasta City and geared up for three back to back 25+ mile days.  For a long time our daily mileage averaged around 20, but now that we're stronger and the terrain is flatter, our daily baseline will be about 25.  We had a few big climbs this week which, coupled with the heat, made for some long, sweaty days.  Luckily, our days collided with a group of super fun folks that we would break, camp and chat with all day.  Our second night out we camped with Sweep, RoboCop and The Bee Man and enjoyed a fire by Porcupine Lake.  Camping with the Bee Man was particularly awesome because he is a chiropractor and I got to pepper him with questions about various issues.  The next day we joined up with Wampus and Zen as well as Spud, Snausage, and Oasis, a group of hiker friends that are energetic and hilarious.  Absolutely wonderful company.  We've learned all kinds of cool things hiking with them... there are seriously some interesting people out here.  Wampus Cat is an alpine ecologist, so I got to learn about dirt and micro-oganisims.  Snausage is a chef and has schooled us in the ways of curing meats and brewing beer.  Spud makes cheese and bakes. Oasis climbs big rock faces. Zen sells motorcycle parts and in a past life got a license in cosmetology. I mean really. Fascinating people.  Our little train of friends cruised into the Trinity Alps and the Russian Wilderness continuing to get incredible views when the trees would break.  Yesterday we got to Etna, Ca, an adorable little town that is home to the incredibly special Alderbrook Manor B & B and Hiker Hut.   

Zen, Wampus, Snausage, Oasis, Spud (L to R)

That's right people. We've crossed mile 1600. Sixteen Hundred. Miles. Damn. This last 600 miles or so has seemed to go by pretty quick and I feel like in no time this incredible experience will be coming to an end.  It's hard, even still, to think about Canada.  Most days we just focus on getting our miles done or look ahead to the next town.  Hikers don't talk about Canada much, as we haven't even hit Oregon yet, but as the miles start to count down, the reality of it is setting in.  A lot can still happen and there are still just over 1,000 miles to go, but in less than a hundred miles we'll start counting down in the triple digits. Unreal. 

Alrighty, we'll be hitting the Oregon border in FOUR DAYS. Bonkers. We'll get to Ashland on the 6th and will take a day off on the 7th. For more PCT info, including care package and letter information (we love mail, hint hint) check out our PCT Page. Oh, and be sure to scroll down for pictures and updates on the last three entries!


  1. Travis and Maggie, you guys are AMAZING! We were spellbound hearing about all your PCT preparations, while on that oasis hike in Colca Canyon, and it's really inspiring to see it all unfold on the blog. What an adventure.

    Enjoy the rest of it!

    Mike & Sarah

  2. Just wanted you to know how much I have been enjoying the blog. I get excited when there is a new post because I can live thru your travels for the moment. Usually the hi-light of a slow work day for me.



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