Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Days 126 - 131: Washington Wow Factor

Just checking in with a quick post and some iPhone pictures. We're only taking ONE more zero from Cascade Locks to Canada, so updates may be short and sweet (and skimpy) from here on out.

The last six days of backpacking have been some of the most phenomenal ever. We walked amongst fields of Lupine for miles and beneath giant volcanoes. In one day the weather was so clear we saw all 5 volcanoes at some point: Jefferson, Hood, St. Helens, Adams and Rainier. Stunning!! Since then it was just day after day of gawking at these giants.

The weather was spectacular. Based on what many hikers say and what we've read, I expected that when we walked into Washington we'd hit a wall of rain. Again, the weather gods have smiled upon us and so far we've had nothing but brilliant blue skies.

I will say that we did struggle with a few things this fine week. We carried 6 days of food out of Cascade Locks so our packs were heavy. And even with all that food we found ourselves ravenously hungry at the end of each meal. There is this game we thru hikers play where we dump out our food bags, stare at the contents and then start rationalizing/bargaining with ourselves to see just how much we can eat without running out before town. Even with this little game, there were nights we woke up with stomachs rumbling. This week we were as sore and achy physically as we were some of the first days/weeks of the trail. We did a lot more climbing than we have lately and our bodies felt it.

We arrived yesterday at the White Pass Ski Area, grabbed our resupply box and shacked up the three hiker buds for the night at the motel. We're off today for more back to back 25 mile days. When we get to Snoqualmie Pass on Saturday evening we may be a bit haggard and definitely ready for a longer rest.

Alright!!! We're at mile 2303 and counting! Onward and northward!

Bridge Of The Gods

Welcome! (And yes, Texans, that is a Buck-ee's sticker!)



ScareCaw, Cookie and Garilicte sleepin' on the Cookie Sheet

Snausage and his kilt

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