Sunday, September 9, 2012

Days 132 - 136: Exhausted But Enthusiastic

We continued our winning streak of blue skied days in Washington as we cruised from White Pass to Snoqualmie Pass, a 100 mile section. As we made our way toward our campsite at Dewey lake, we stopped to partake in the abundant huckleberry bushes, our hands and mouths stained blue with delight. We were serenaded that evening by the bugling of elk for hours.  The following days, we just put the petal to the metal (well, the shoe sole to the dirt) and pressed on, getting new and exciting views of Mt. Rainier everyday.  We were  lucky to receive some delicious trail magic, too. Big thanks to Not Phil's Dad, The Stumbling Norwegian, and Honey Bee! The support at this point in the game means so much.

Since we left Cascade Locks (the OR/WA border) we've covered some serious ground, basically walking a marathon a day for 10 days.  As I sit and write this now from Snoqualmie, we are at mile 2402 and have 259 miles to the Canadian border.  Our bodies are tired and our feet and legs are sore, but at this point we are so mentally jazzed that we just keep on bookin'.

We arrived here yesterday afternoon and decided to take today off.  It's crazy to say this but, our next day off will be in CANADA.  I can't believe that this amazing and epic journey will be over in less than two weeks. I spend a lot of my hiking/thinking time making the following lists: 1. Things I'll miss about the trail 2. Things I won't miss about the trail 3. What I'm looking forward to in the 'real world' 4. What I'm not looking forward to in the 'real world'.  It seems to be a good exercise for starting to wrap my head around being done and the reintroduction to society. Trav and I talk about it often and having the end so near is pretty bittersweet. We are going to hugely miss trail life and the people and places in it, but that said, we are both feeling ready to be done.

Tomorrow we launch back into the Washington wilderness.  It's been a bit rainy (lucky us, we were already set up at a motel) but the weather is supposed to clear again which is exciting as we head toward the North Cascades.

The real deal countdown has begun.

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