Sunday, September 23, 2012

Days 140-147: A North Cascades Review (In Pictures)

One day of rain in Washington. A record, no doubt.

Smoke from nearby wildfires.

Wampus and Zen taking a rest.

Frozen Mica Lake.

North Cascades National Park!

The 3 Gay Cabelleros! After months of chasing them, we finally got to spend time with this beautiful (and hiker famous) trio and share wine, conversation and song.

Stunning Golden Larches, the only deciduous coniferous tree, with their wonderful fall color.

Worn out socks on worn out feet.

Fall colors.

Sunrise hiking.

Hopkins Lake... our last campsite of the trip and a perfect spot.

Some last morning portraits.

This is a collection of images from Skykomish to Hopkins Lake (6 miles from the border).  There is not much that I can say about the North Cascades that can do it justice. There are also few words I could use that would describe how simultaneously difficult and exhilarating it was. We managed to do big miles over big climbs to cover the last nearly two hundred miles and though there were days our bodies felt broken down, we were getting closer and closer to Canada... and that kept propelling us forward (and upward).  The weather was perfect even though we dealt with smoky air due to nearby fires.  Our last days on trail were so special and we tried to savor them as much as possible. 

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