Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love Train On The Borderline

Rolling up to Monument 78 at the Canadian border was an incredible moment.  I cried for the last mile (appropriate, considering I cried the whole first mile) and had to stand there for a few seconds, staring at the sign that said 'Welcome To Canada'.  The fact that it listed our last 9 miles in kilometers actually helped me understand that we had WALKED to another country.

To make the whole situation that much more festive and special, we celebrated at the monument with 14 friends/pirates and members of The Love Train. We've hiked with many of these folks for many miles and many months.  We cooked dinner with Spud and Snausage on our second day on trail and finally started hiking with them in Northern California.  We met Wampus Cat and Zen on our third day on trail and have been leap frogging with them ever since. Mufasa and White Bear we met a week in while seeking shade in the small shadow of a broken down tractor in the desert.  But then there's the 3 Gay Caballeros that we just met, but immediately felt like old friends.  We sipped on whiskey (that had been carried for 100 miles or so) and ate Snickers and other sweets that had been saved to be savored. Then, we started our epic photo shoot.  (I've included links to as many of their blogs as I could find, enjoy!).

KRL's postcard.

Snausage and Histo.

Mufasa and White Bear. A brother hug.

White Bear.

Monument 78.

Wampus Cat.


Pan, Dionesis and Seano/The 3 Gay Caballeros.

Hugs all around.

Cookie. Who out cute-ed all of us. As always.

Hallmark and Wampus: Sciatica Sisters.

An amazing surprise: This is Brian, who is the dad of Bronco Jim, who we hiked with for the first nearly 900 miles.  We haven't seen Bronco in months and had no idea he was just 1 day behind us.  We'd have loved to give him a congratulatory hug, but hugging his awesome dad was close enough!

The Love Train.

HUGE CONGRATS to all of our hiker friends who went on this awesome and epic journey.  Everyone's trail experience is different, but there is so much heart, inspiration and determination (bordering on sheer stubbornness) in each one of these strong bodies.  There are many people we wish we could have crossed the border with (Garilicte, ScareCaw, Spork, Doc and Blue Jay, Macho Taco, Fairway and Just Retired to name a few) and send our love and congrats to them on their accomplishments.  We've all got 2,660 miles under our feet and 5 months(ish) of memories to look back on. Cheers!


  1. congrats to everyone! you guys are all awesome.

  2. This made me cry. What an amazing accomplishment! Y'all have all made friends for life. Incredible! I'm so proud!!!


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