Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Watch Out Sasquatch...

... there's a new mythical creature creepin' around in the woods. It's a figment of my dad's imagination that seemed to grow in numbers in Manning Park, Canada on Friday.

It's the TRAVelMAG, sporting a hot pink hat and a giant beard.

As we emerged from the PCT this group of goofballs was there to greet us.  My dad, mom, brother and best friends Susie and Brian were decked in their Trav-el-Mag gear.  It was SO wonderful to see them and we were grateful for the good laugh. 


  1. HAHAHAH. this is the best thing EVER. made my day.

  2. ahhhhhhhh! i love this sooo much! xoxox

  3. So hilarious..delightful and wonderful. Big contrats TravelMag!


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