Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's Update, Shall We?

When we started this blog over a year ago, we gave y'all The Intro, a little bit about us and what we're up to.  Well, it's been a helluva journey these past (nearly) 14 months and we've got some updating to do.  (Side note: can you believe our blog is over a year old?!)

There was a long, exhausting day in the Southern California desert where it just came to us in a flash. The Southeast Asia/Nepal block of our trip (which was supposed to come after the PCT this fall) was off.  We'd just been too inaccessible, too removed and too, well, mobile for too long.   The soles of our wandering shoes were getting worn out. Plus, we wanted to save the Southeast Asia/Nepal trip for a time when we had more energy and gusto. I'm sure that in the coming years we'll get the travel itch again and that trip will be the fix. But for now, home was calling...

And where would home be, you ask? 

Well, how about North Carolina! There is so much about this sweet little state that is just what we're looking for, so we're giving it a go. We are moving to coastal Wilmington on December 1. Being on the Eastern Seaboard will be a big change, but if there's one thing we've gotten real comfortable with this year, it's change. 

So why Wilmington?  Trav went to UNCW for his Bachelor's and still has friends and great connections there.  He's looking to get back in to the art world as well as the ocean.  My plan is to shop around for a Masters program in School Counseling/Social Work and there are a handful of great options in NC. Wilmington has a really cool and progressive art scene, one of our favorite museums, great restaurants, access to the beach, the river and we're only 4 hours from the mountains. Plus, we have better access to Trav's family in Pennsylvania and my family in Texas. 

So there's the next big move! We're excited and ready to have a home-base again where we can cook big meals, start a garden, make stuff, be creative, be in touch, run, walk, swim, play, visit, plan more adventures, learn and grow. So, start booking flights y'all, and come see us at the beach!

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  1. Can't wait to come visit! So glad to have you closer! So exciting all around!

  2. Awesome plan!! Such an exciting life you two have! You'll be a fabulous school counselor Mag!! Peace and love to you both!

  3. Yay!!! A homebase....stoked for you guys ! Im back in hawaii by dec with mo. Come visit if you the urge! Winter time to escape the cold if you get the itch. Aloha and im so thankful you guys are safe and happy. Aloha


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