Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Minimoon Crashers

After a fantastic wedding in San Francisco, we made a break for the coast. Big Sur to be exact. And we took the bride and groom with us. 

The four of us ventured down to Treebones Resort, one of our favorite places on the planet... and this year we've seen a lot of places on the planet so I don't make that statement lightly. 

We stayed in yurts while taking deep breaths of ocean air.  The energy at the coast is something we have defiantly missed.  The four of us had dinner in the sushi bar which boasts a 180 degree view of the ocean. We drank delicious wine before passing out slices of left-over wedding cake to the sushi chef, our server and the other diners. The cake was made by Sooz and Bri's friend Anna and was some of the best cake I've ever had.  I don't make that statement lightly either...I really love cake. 

Before heading back to the city, we went to the beach. The soul benefits when toes are dug into sand, sun warms the face and hair curls in humid, sea air. 

The soul also benefits from spending time with two people as in love as these two. 

Brian and Susie are so ridiculously special that when they asked me to speak at their wedding, I had no choice but to write them a love poem.  No seriously, my speech rhymed. The ceremony was lighthearted and strongly rooted in community and family.  It went off with an ease that only they could achieve. 

Best friends. So cool. 

We were roommates in college and had a bunk-bed with which we built forts. Double cool.  

Oh, California... thanks for a wonderful visit. 


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