Friday, December 14, 2012

Around Here

Our new coasters from a cool, local shop. Bringin' back memories

Morning coffee and a record (today: The Mamas & The Papas).

Merry and bright.

One of my favorites. What a character. 

Of course.

Awaiting their placement on walls and shelves.

Feet on cold tiles.

The last cardboard box has been unpacked.  The moving, overall, was a breeze. There was one casualty though... I took a box cutter to one of the boxes and sliced right down the front of my down jacket*. Ouch. Time for a repair, I'd say.

All in all, we're (mostly) set up, cozy and, with our tree in place, festive.

*One of my down jackets. Let's be honest. I have three. Gear nerd.


  1. the place looks FAB! loving the blue chair! can't wait to see it in person in March. Love you!

  2. OMG!! Looks soo soo great friends!! The couch! The rug!! The chair!! Amazing!! Xoxox


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