Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cozy In Brooklyn (Updated!)

After leaving a fantastic family time in Steel Country, we made our way to New York.  Brooklyn to be exact.  In Brooklyn we got cozy with my dear high school friend Rachel, and her (new!) husband Nathan. We just love visiting these two.

You know those marvelous dinners that just last hours, as you sit and chat and eat and drink and chat and laugh and eat and then order coffee and dessert and chat and laugh some more? That's what we did. Three nights in a row. 

We also took those marvelous walks through the chilly fall air.  Our hands in gloves, hats on our heads and scarves on our necks, we wandered around neighborhoods and spent early morning hours at the dog park. 

And your assumptions are correct...dog park = dog. And oh, what a dog! Last time she saw Calli, she was months old and snugly and bite-y.  Now, Calli may just be the fastest dog in the East, leaving a vapor trail as she bolts after a tennis ball.  She's long and lanky, well-mannered and sweet.

Rachel and I met the first day of ninth grade and one Friday at a pep rally, I was struck by how cool her shimmery, bright green eye shadow was (hello 1997!). We started hanging out after school, jumping on a neighbors trampoline and became inseparable friends shortly thereafter. I love me some Rach and I'm so glad to finally be in the same timezone. 

I'd only ever spent one, brief night in Brooklyn, but was quickly smitten.  It's busy, but not too crazy, urban but not too gritty. It's just the right mix. Rach, Nath & Calzone: thanks for another incredibly wonderful, cozy visit.  Love, Meeg and Krev.

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