Monday, December 31, 2012

Cross Country Santa Exchange

For years now my dear friends Jessie, Jen, Ginger, Hayley, Mary and I have done a Secret Santa gift exchange at Christmas time.  We'd sit around in San Francisco, drink wine, open presents and laugh until our bellies hurt.   It was an absolutely delightful tradition.  Then Jen moved to Hawaii, Hayley to New Orleans and I... well, you know all about my crazy year...

So last year, while I was in Peru, we set up a Secret Santa complete with a Google Hangout and, of course, presents, wine, laughing until our bellies hurt... all that good stuff.  It was such a success that we did it again.  

The way it works: we're sent a secret email from a third party Santa (Mary's friend Marissa) with the name of our gift recipient.  We spend weeks and create insane email message chains trying to set a date and time that works for all of us, our work schedules, and across our (now) 5 hour time difference. We mail off our presents to arrive in time for our internet date.  Then we all huddled around our computers and connected via Google.

So here we are: Jen in Hawaii, Ginger in SF, Mary and Hayley in their hometown of San Luis Obispo and me here in Wilmington.  Unfortunately, Jessie had technical issues and missed most of the party. I guess at a non-cyber party, it'd be the equivalent of getting caught in traffic or catching a cold. We missed her greatly.  Seeing these goofball faces and opening presents was a blast.  Such a special tradition. Jeez, I miss my lady-friends.   I love them much. 

I wish we did this every week (because every night would be overkill (right?!?!?)).  We could skip the gifts, obviously.  And anyways, their friendship is gift enough (say it with me now... awwwwwww). 


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