Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family Fun For Everyone

Determined to show my family a good time, we filled their visit with fun activities all around our new town.  We strolled downtown and ate delicious meals; the food in Wilmington is pretty dang great, from unique sandwiches at Chop's to rich Mac & Cheese, French Onion Soup and Surf and Turf at the Brasserie

We also toured around the Battleship, Wilmington's favorite historical attraction.  There were many cool facts to be learned on the Battleship, but one of my favorites is that it became a memorial in Wilmington in 1961 after a campaign where all the school children in North Carolina donated a dime for it's preservation.  Margie had just told us about the effort and how she herself had donated a dime.  My brother, the machinist, of course spent the better part of an hour in the machine shop on board.  He explained to us the heavy metal things that each heavy piece of machinery built and did. It was awesome, even for us non metal nerds. 

After our trip to the Battleship, we opted for some high speed fun.  We hit the Go Kart tracks! It was a perma-grin activity for sure. 

And no visit to Wilmington is complete without a stop at the wonderful Cameron Art Museum.  There is a new exhibit up featuring the works of Zelda Fitzgerald which I thought was pretty cool.  We all enjoyed the work of Wilmington natives Elizabeth Chant, Claude Howell and Minnie Evans.  An exhibit of their studio spaces is currently up too, and is wonderful.  We enjoyed fried green tomato BLTs, sweet potato fries and pulled pork sandwiches at the cafe.

Thanks for visiting, y'all! 

(Speaking of Fitzgerald, any thoughts on this?)

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