Thursday, December 20, 2012

Something Cookin'

This week, our little kitchen has gotten a lot of action.  We love to cook... well... Travis loves to cook... I like to cook and I love to eat. Anyway, among all the wonderful things that traveling and hiking offer, we always felt the void of not having our own kitchen. It's an experience of busy hands, open recipes, sipping wine, listening to music and creating something delicious.

There have been all kinds of tasty, and borderline decadent, items created this week.  Yesterday, we had our first mini dinner party! Our friends Margie and Jocelyn came over and Trav made his signature butternut squash risotto and we accompanied it with roasted beets and a new bacon/walnut/brussel sprout dish. It was a win. He also spent the day baking a walnut loaf which was pretty much insane.

Our kitchen and dining room are the rooms in the house that are the least together so far, but the kitchen is coming along.  We found that quirky white and red enamel top table in an antique shop. It has two leafs that roll out on either side and nearly double it's surface area. It's a little banged up, but man, is it cool. And I finally figured out a way to put up my postcard collection.  I've been collecting these postcard images since high school.  They've become quite tattered with double stick tape and push-pin holes, so I bought a role of magnetic tape and made them magnets.  Now it's like a miniature gallery on our fridge that we can rotate and change as we feel. 

How was your week? Make/eat anything delicious?


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