Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

For a little stretch here, we've been enjoying some serious mail and package goodness.  There is just something so distinct and satisfying about getting paper mail.

Letter-wise, yesterday was golden.  A letter from Cookie, a PCT friend, who I've got a pen-pal-ship going with.  (I also have a solid pen-pal-ship going with Garilicte and always look forward to his next letter. Remember when he guest blogged for me?).  A postcard from Cousin Greta, on vacation in Hawaii. A letter from Jen, who lives in Hawaii. A package from Aunt Tam, with some sweet little gifts and new music. A package from the best mother in law ever with goodies acquired on our trip up North.

I've also had these special cards on the mantle for a week or so. From Meg, Jamie and Wendy. 

Yesterday my mirror made it's way home.  I bought this Mexican tile mirror on the street in Oakland right after moving into my first place in San Francisco.  I remember the feeling I had after bringing it home and hanging it up. Arranging all of my special things around it. I felt like, oh I don't know, like I wanted to throw my beret into the air... So, when we left SF in 2011 I asked Ginger to hold on to my mirror for me until we were settled. Once we got all moved in, I asked her to send it and she obliged.  She also sent with it one of the notes pictured above and a reading about front porches. I was so thrilled when it arrived.  To hang it up and arrange some of our special things around it. 

And, as part of my Secret Santa gift, a beautiful copy of The Little Prince arrived from Hayley. For all the love, hope and starry night skies...


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