Friday, January 18, 2013

Walkin' And Talkin'

Our little neighborhood here in Wilmington has a wonderful park running right through it.  We walk or run through it often and feel lucky to live by what feels like the woods.  Here are some pictures we took a few weeks ago and a few thoughts on our transition...

All in all, this has been a big transition for us.  And there are so many layers to it.  We're coming off of the most exciting 15 months ever and it would be hard to transition to living anywhere.  We're in a new town were we don't know many people.  Trav has started his new job and things are going quite well, but it's the first time... well... ever... that he's the busy one and I am not.  He tries to surf often and works in his studio daily, making art and trying new things. There is spray paint, wood, paint brush, photography and pencil wielding daily. It's funny because I love being busy and he doesn't love it.  I like having meetings and plans and tasks and work and activities.  I like to juggle. Of course, I could fill my time with all kinds of things, but have you noticed that it's hard to create structure when you have none? That's where I'm at.  

This transition and getting settled and a new job and new place also means that for the first time in 15 months we're not doing everything together.  And it's a little strange.  We have to get re-acquainted to individual schedules. 

And well, the job market is tough here.  I'm pouring over the internet daily, writing and rewriting cover letters.  Next week, I'm taking to the streets armed with a stack of resumes.  I'm also going to approach some volunteer opportunities with hopes of serving my new community and making connections.  I'll let you know how it goes.  

There are days that I miss San Francisco and our old life there so much it makes me nuts.  I miss our friends and community, the city streets and parks and hustle and bustle.  I found a Muni bus ticket in my raincoat pocket the other day and almost keeled over in nostalgia.  I then tucked it back into the pocket to find another day.  There are also days that I miss the trail so much it makes me nuts.  I miss quiet mornings in the tent, fresh air and wide open space.  I daydream about our hiker friends and lunches sitting in the dirt, laughing and resting with our socks off.  I long for the simplicity. The challenge.  And the glory of getting to camp at the end of the day.  

Of course, there have been some fun, exciting highlights in our new locale. Because Trav teaches at night, I have been whipping up all kinds of dinners on my own, trying new things and sometimes making a giant mess in the process. (I then like to clean it all up so I look cool and on top of it when he rolls in.)  It's been an enjoyable task to get our house together, to build a cozy little space filled with things we love.  I also spend a good amount of time planning future adventures in my head (and with help of internet research).  This state offers so many fun places to visit and explore, and I love thinking about the possibilities. 

It's a lot of change and transition. And most predominately there is still the thrilling sense of newness.  We have a fresh start.  Room to build and explore. Which is awesome.   


  1. Man, creating a new community, purpose, and place as a grown up can be super hard. We've only just started to feel pretty plugged into our own social scene in the past year. You all had something pretty special in San Francisco. But how exciting to be starting totally new -- the thrill and difficulty reminds me of the reading about transitions being like letting go of one trapeze to jump to another, with that terrifying gap in between ( You all have been jumping a lot of trapezes lately.
    Also, btw, Matty and I are pretty similar about unstructured time. He loved himself some empty days, but I'm not very good at them.


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