Monday, February 25, 2013

Over And Out

Well *sigh* the time has come to wrap up here at Front Porch Anywhere. We started this blog to keep our family and friends posted while we took our incredible adventure and now that we are settled, we're going to stop blogging.  
The site will stay up, of course.  Our hope is that others can browse through our photos and stories and perhaps use them as a resource on their own travels.  We read numerous blogs while we traveled, hiked and prepared and hope our adventures can provide inspiration, motivation and reference, too. 

Click either of the following photos to read more:

As always, feel free to contact us at frontporchanywhere (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Many, many thousands of thanks to y'all for reading, commenting, supporting and enjoying our trip.  We think about it daily and revel in all of our glorious memories.  

I am quite certain that there will be more adventures and travels and escapades in the future and at that point, we'll revive Front Porch Anywhere to share the love. 

All the best, y'all. Be well. 


  1. I have absolutely loved following all of these adventures and here's to many more (virtual toast)! Sad to see you go but will be eagerly awaiting your return...

    (I am also crazy impressed by your internet/tech skillz with these text-on-photo jams.)

  2. Loved it all. Sad its over, but think its a great way to end it... For now. Love and hugs, Hay

  3. It's sad this adventure is over but happy you guys made it. Thanks for sharing!

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