Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yoga Challenge: It's Week 3

Well, it's week three already. 

The personal yoga challenge is going well... actually I'm loving it.  It's an incredible feeling to recognize areas and muscles and poses that are stronger than they were weeks ago.  I have, since the first day, been acutely aware of how strong my legs are from all of that hiking.  My arms and core were a bit flimsy so after shaking through the arm/core focused areas, the leg focused stuff made me feel tough.   I am now starting to look ahead to March and beyond, figuring out what kind of yoga practice I can/will have when this challenge is over. Does anyone out there have a practice schedule they like? 


  1. I comprehend it is really turning into a challenge for some of you; the weather,hurting muscles and fatigue appear to try and harm your practice.Remember that the mind does not generally like changes and will do anything to break your new routine,a routine that will really grow the mind!Keep it up !You are all doing as such well..
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