Friday, February 8, 2013

Yoga Challenge: Week 1

I decided weeks ago that for the month of February I would do a personal yoga challenge.  The idea came from a number of motivations:
1. There is a wonderful studio in town that offers an unlimited 30 day trial for $40.
2. I have no job and know few people in town and therefore have a good amount of free time.
3.  As I mentioned before, I find it difficult to create structure when I have none, so a 1 hour yoga class a day gives me something to plan around.
4. I like a physical challenge and having a goal (ahem)
5.  Health, wellness, fitness, core strength, etc.
6.  Feeling centerend.

So, the goal is to take a yoga class everyday for the month of February. I'm eight days in and feeling good.  I try to mix it up and take classes that differ in practice and difficulty.  I took one the other day that made my upper abs sore for days. Laughing was so painful.  And when I would start to laugh I'd cower in pain making Travis laugh at me and then making me laugh more.  Vicious cycle. Some days I feel muscles I didn't know I had.  Like, what's with that weird muscle right in front of your arm pit? You know that space that seems to always get sunburned too.... anyway, that was screamin' at one point.  Today my shoulders are worked.

One thing I did not expect was to appreciate the meditation and quiet reflection as much as I have.  I remember in yoga classes of yore I spent the whole 'meditation' time wondering when it was going to be over. Now, it's often not long enough.  I guess it's safe to say I have a lot of reflecting to do.

So! Eight days down, twenty to go!

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  1. Yogimagster;
    How lucky you are to have leisure time, it sounds like you are making the most of it with your yoga classes. This may lead to you collecting another skill...teaching yoga...humm.
    You are the best, I should call you Erma-magster Bombeck...your writing skills are awesome. When are you going to offer your services to the local newspaper and write a column for your community? Or write your book based on your Front Porch Anywhere (blogs) of your tremendous trip on the PCT? Take advantage of this deserve it. Joanie


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