Pacific Crest Trail

Welcome to the adventure, y'all!  Yankee Son (Travis) and Hallmark (Maggie) started their PCT thru-hike April 27, 2012 at the Mexican border and reached the Canadian border September 21, 2012.

Many thanks for your interest in and support of our hike.  Here we have organized our hiking posts in chronological order and consolidated some of our useful PCT links.

We have decided to leave this page up and organize our posts in hopes that it can help future PCT thru-hikers.  As we were preparing for our hike, we gleaned so much useful information from past hikers' blogs and journals. Future hikers, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at frontporchanywhere (at) gmail dot com.


and after the trail, some Thoughts And Feelings In List Form



Our gear changed A LOT during our thru-hike.  We added things, left things behind and sent things home.  Here are our initial/pre-trip gear list and our final gear list, without weights.  And finally we put together a gear review here.

As we hiked, my mom sent our resupply packages to us, many of which contained isobutane fuel.  We did a good bit of internet searching and found all the information we needed.  It was buried into some websites, so we figured we'd put it here to be of use.  We made these labels (which my mom printed on brightly colored paper, cut up and taped on) and left her with this document detailing Post Office regulations, which she carried with her to the PO in case she ran into any trouble.  She never ran into any trouble, and actually the folks working at the PO near her house got a kick out of following our hike.

Our 'Care Package' page may be particularly useful. Feel free to cut and paste our instructions.  We more or less edited them from other blogs/Yogi. 

Click "next" and "previous" to view additional entries. We dropped the ball on these pretty early, but enjoy what's there.