South American Adventure

After deciding to take 15 months and travel, we took off for the first leg of our adventure in South America in October 2011.  We divided our four months south of the equator between Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Here we have organized our travel entries by country.  We've gotten quite a few emails since returning asking for travel advice in these countries, so we hope this is a useful resource for some travelers out there.  And we hope it's just a fun read for others!


Quito area:
Latacunga/Quilatoa Loop:
Illiniza Norte
Cuenca, Loja, Vilcabamba: Adios Ecuador, We'll Miss You!


First Few Days In Peru
Machu Picchu:
Colca Canyon: Canyon Country


Border Crossing: Chile Dogs
Chueca: The Middle, and we stayed here
Valparaiso: Vibrant Valpo
Puerto Varas:
Snooze Cruise


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